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Global Regismark in Fashion Show 2009

San José, August 27th.Global IP News. Global Regismark participates exclusively as the only company dedicated and specialized  in Intellectual Property (IP) protection, trademark copyright and patent registration, in the event called Fashion Week 2009, to be held from 27 to 30 August in the International Convention Center, Geko Tower, Fifth Floor Real Cariari, Heredia, Costa Rica.

In that event, there will be various fashion shows and the presence of designers, exhibitors, suppliers of machinery, textiles and other inputs related to the industry (more details in spanish report of Perfil Magazine)

Global Regismark
will address on the importance of Trademark Registry, Patents and Copyrights. Also, we will have a stand for all the activity where we will provide general information on Intellectual Property (IP), such as the different kind of Trademarks, legal actions in case of violations and evacuate any doubts that may arise between the participants concerning this issue.

The Global Regismarks objective is to promote and raise awareness in Costa Rican society on the value concerning the Intellectual Property and the importance of protecting the assets held in Copyrights, Trademark Registration, Patents, and other rights in Intellectual Property, since Costa Rica should identify and promote trade through asset protection, to continue to strengthen both regional and internationally.


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