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The owner of the trademark lego wins domain names case

Written by DKD Trade , Thursday, 25 June 2009

Another domain name case ended recently at WIPO,with the transfer of two domain names and to Lego Juris AS,the owner of registered trademarks for LEGO.

Lego Juris AS,which sells the popular plastic building blocks for children saw that on the domain name were published pornographic images created with Lego toys.Therefore they decided to file a complaint with WIPO,claiming rights over the two domain names.
Moreover,Lego Juris AS had everything in their favour.The Company owned registered trademarks for Lego in 190 countries and owns more than 450 domain names containing the term "lego" .

The respondent,represented by P N S Enterprises wrote an email to WIPO after they have been notified about the domain names case,where they said: “The most important point that I am going to make is the word lego is not what I am using in the domain name. It is LEGOPORN. LEGO is a latin word defined as to study or build. LEGOPORN is the building of comedic stop action animation pornography with dolls and the like. At no point did we even elude that we represented the lego corperation. We have not interest in selling their products and we never used the LEGO mark, as they put it. If you do a search on Google for the word LEGOPORN you will find 37000 hits. We are simply making a location that people can add links for their youtube their are 85 different videos and 844 different videos with the words separated. And they [the Complainant] are right, when that web domain name wasn’t taken they had a perfect right to buying the name, but they choose not to. We at P N S enterprises had a perfect right to buy the domain name which we did. And finally this is a website for mature comedic entertainment. It is simply comedy like a southpark, family guy, or simpson T.V. show.”
Even though the respondent had a good point of view,the Panel decided that the domain names were registered and used in bad faithand were confusingly similar.Therefore they ordered the two domain names to be transfered to Lego Juris AS

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