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Trademark Registration

A trademark includes "any word, name, symbol, feel, sound, taste, or device, or any combination used, or indented to be used, to associate, identify and/or distinguish goods or services sold or manufactured in commerce" (From National Registry definition in spanish).

Our Trademark division is well equipped to provide you with the most comprehensive well rounded trademark service. At Global Regismark we guarantee the exclusive right of use and issue our clients a true mark.

To properly solicit the registration of a trademark in Cost Rica we require the following information:

  1. The applicants full name, exact address, and the country of incorporation of the entity in question. 
  2. The full name of the trademark.
  3. If the trademark includes a logo; we require you submit an electronic version of the logo/design. 
  4. A list of products and/or services the trademark is intended to protect.
  5. The corresponding international class under which the trademark shall be registered.
  6. A special Power Of Attorney granted by the applicant and authenticated by a certified public notary of the jurisdiction in question

Trademarks are registered for terms of 10 years. At the maturity of the term you will have the option to solicit a trademark renewal.

To begin your apply  Contac Us, we are Global Regismark for you.


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